Facebook’s New Milestone: 500 Million Monthly Users, Coming Soon

Facebook is soon to announce its “500 million monthly users” milestone. This announcement is expected to come sometime before the end of June.


The last time Facebook reached a milestone (400 million users), it was in early February. June 25th is the projected date the 500 million user milestone will be reached, given Facebook continues to grow at the current rate. For the first time in its history, Facebook is ready to throw a big party to mark this milestone and is in mood for celebration.

Though, last week, Facebook told Search Engine Land,

The user number milestones we announce publicly do not always correspond to the exact date we reach these milestones.
We sometimes hold a growth milestone announcement to correspond with another announcement (such as a product launch), so the number may be significantly higher on the date we actually make the announcement.

This makes it clear that the announcement, if and when it comes in June end, would not mean that the milestone is reached exactly at that same time. Though, this announcement can surely do Facebook a favor by flushing out all unfavorable news.

After this, Facebook will get all its targets set to the “600 million users” mark which is expected at the end of this year.

(Via: All Facebook)

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