Facebook Logging Pakistan Users Into Random Accounts?

I have been seeing reports from few people who live in Pakistan that is logging them into random users accounts. This was not just the case with one user, but has happened with multiple users in Pakistan, take a look at the updates below.

The first update was posted by @SaadGH on about 11 hours ago and mentioned that Facebook was logging him into other’s account, status update here. Back then I did not heed much into that update.

Facebook Random Access Update Pakistan 1

However, the second update I saw was on Facebook itself and was posted about 5 minutes ago, which can be viewed here.

Facebook Random Access Update Pakistan 2

Both these individuals are in Pakistan and have had problems while logging into Facebook as in that they are being logged into someone else’s account. If these issues are anywhere real, the ramifications are going to be pretty high considering that Facebook has never been privacy’s favorite child.

If users are logged into random accounts, it means that they have access to everything that user has in their account, and I mean everything. The could change their passwords, update their status or do whatever they want.

Many users are blaming a Pakistan Internet provider PTCL for the issue, but how would an ISP be able to generate a cookie that would allow users into another user’s account. Does it mean that Facebook is generating cookies which are easy to crack or is Facebook’s whole login system busted?

This is not the first time that Facebook has been in a controversy in Pakistan and there was a big issue where Facebook was banned by a Pakistan court over a Facebook page.

So is this just an issue in Pakistan or are people from other countries seeing the same issue. Have you come across this issue where you have been logged into someone else’s account?

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