Facebook Plans to Go Public on May 17

Facebook is reportedly targeting an IPO date of May 17. Facebook’s IPO has been highly awaited for more than a year, and is going to be the biggest internet IPO in history. If the Securities and Exchange Commission finds no issues with its IPO related filings, May 17 could be the D-day for Facebook.

Its expected valuation is around $100 billion, which makes it half as valuable as Google, its arch nemesis. Facebook makes most of its money from online advertising on its network, and the remainder from transactions of virtual goods, on which it charges a 30% cut. It will list on the NASDAQ with the ticker “FB”.

With its net profit for 2011 being $1 billion, it will have a trailing P/E of 100 at the $100 billion valuation. It is expected to reach more than a billion users by the end of 2012 or early 2013, up from 845 million at the end of 2011.

According to a Dealbook report about the Instagram acquisition, Facebook internally values the company at around $104 billion, and it’s quite likely that it may see an opening day pop, with its valuation ending up even higher.

We will keep you updated on the Facebook IPO. In the meantime, check out some really interesting facts about the Facebook IPO.

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