Facebook is Now Worth $56 Billion

According to the latest auction on the private secondary marketplace SharesPost, Facebook stock sold at $25 a pop, which takes Facebook’s valuation to an all time high of $56 billion.

The total amount of outstanding Facebook shares is 2.24 billion. The recent SharesPost auction sold 165,000 shares at a price of $25. This is significantly higher, almost 77%, than the price of Facebook stock just 3 months ago.

The actual valuation of Facebook might be much lower if its stock were being traded on the open market. Apparently, many investors still think that Facebook is worth much more, and SharesPost is going to conduct another auction soon, because this auction was “significantly oversubscribed”.

At this rate, Facebook could be worth more than Google ($190 billion) by as early as 2015.


via Business Insider

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