People on Facebook Need to Practice Safe Friending

Facebook has taken over the world and has become the de facto name in social networking. So much so, that it has pushed Facebook to becoming the third largest Internet company. However, a concerning behavior exhibited by people on Facebook. They are ready to friend anyone and everyone who sends across a request.


Comparing this behavior, in real life, people are quite apprehensive even about existing friends. Then, what prompts them to make that click and friend someone who is a total stranger? The reason for this behavior is cited as politeness by 54 percent and increasing friend count by only a mere 34 percent. Contrary to the popular belief, this behavior is actually fueled by a carelessness rather than increasing friend count.

On an average, at least 20 percent of the people we friend on Facebook are totally anonymous to us. Interestingly, the same fraction of 20 percent are the people we know extremely well on Facebook. Thus, we have a number of Facebook friends who are just sitting there and accessing our data and status updates.

If you are a privacy freak, it is time you review your friends on Facebook and clean up the clutter, but as it has been with the Facebook privacy concerns, we will just ignore this and move on.

(Via: All Facebook)

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Chinmoy Kanjilal

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