Facebook Launches “Facebook for Business” To Woo Brands After Google+ Fiasco

Most of the users who have tried Google+ have received it warmly. It has more than 20 million users now, and is expected to keep growing at a brisk pace.

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Despite some confusion over invites, the service had been working quite well since its launch. However, last week, Google+ made its first screwup.

Google+’s First Screwup: Brand Pages

After allowing a few blogs and companies to put up a brand page, it started deleting them just as it had stated earlier – Google+ is not yet ready for brands. It also announced that it would be launching a new product for businesses on Google+, with more features and options.

After that, it started deleting names which seemed fake, or were pseudonyms. In the process, it pissed off a lot of important users, all of whose accounts were disabled without warning.

In the meantime, Facebook just launched “Facebook for Business“. Nope, it’s nothing new, it’s just a detailed guide which helps you “get the basics on setting up and building your business with Facebook”.

Facebook for Business

Facebook seems to be trying to signal that they care about businesses whereas Google+ doesn’t.

They highlight four main features for businesses:

  • Pages: Create a space to interact with your fans, get to know potential customers and build a community.
  • Ads: Reach exactly the people you want with ads that let you target by age, location, interests and more.
  • Sponsored Stories: Take advantage of friends talking to friends with sponsored stories, a natural way to amplify word of mouth.
  • Platform: Transform your website into a social experience with plug-ins and custom apps.

All of this already existed, but Facebook for Business just aggregates all the relevant information in one place.

Facebook definitely seems to be a bit scared of Google+, which is its first worthy competitor in years.

You can check out Facebook for Business here: www.facebook.com/business

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