Facebook Fails What.app Stanford Test, Twitter and iPhone Pass

In a recent study conducted by What.app, Facebook fails in maintaining standard privacy of its users.

WhatApp is a site that rates the privacy, security and openness of web and mobile applications as well as the various platforms they run on.

What.app uses various analysis tools to rate apps and websites and Twitter and iPhone apps fared well with good scores whereas Facebook was slapped on the face with a score of 2. The total score was five. The results obtained are extrapolated from data obtained from individual apps running on platforms. Facebook was rated based on its apps.

The co-founder of What.App Ryan Calo, who is also a Stanford University Law fellow  says,

I think people are upset because when you download an app, you don’t have any control over what the app developer sees on your profile,says Calo. There’s the perception among users that they don’t need to give away so much information to have the apps do the same thing as they are currently doing.

There were three areas of analysis, namely privacy, security and openness. Facebook scored two in all three. This should not come as a surprise as it simply justifies Mark Zuckerberg’s earlier statement of “privacy is no longer a social norm”.


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