Facebook Down After New Feature Rollout

Looks like another engineer messed up something with the database. Facebook is currently in process of rolling out new features to pages, and the results is that not only can users see the new pages, but the entire site looks like it was snowed out.

Facebook Down Again

Visiting Facebook.com displays a completely blank page to users. I have been seeing this for the past 5-10 minutes now. Don’t panic, the outage should may not last for long though, I hope.

Updates should follow… In the meantime do checkout some Funny Facebook Jokes from the last downtime.

Update: Facebook is accessible at http://iphone.facebook.com, however, the main servers look to be down. You can access Facebook on your iPhone or iPod Touch or on your web browser.

Update 2: The main Facebook site is now up, however, they seem to have rolled back all the new features.

Update 3: Facebook has confirmed that the site was down on their Twitter account @facebook. However, they gave  a strange reason as to why the site was down.

Also, some internal prototypes were exposed to people and resulted in us disabling the site briefly. It’s now back to normal.

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