Facebook Beats Google in Weekly Traffic

Facebook has beaten Google at pageviews in some earlier instances. It beat Google last Christmas and New Year’s Eve but this time, the days on which Facebook pageviews crossed Google pageviews are the unexpected weekdays! This March the 6th and 7th, Facebok crossed Google as the most visited page in the US and last week as well, Facebook registered a weekly high beating Google in the process. The pageviews on festive days of Christmas and New Year are self-explanatory though the interesting fact is the visits from last week.

Heather Dougherty writes in a blog post at Hitwise saying,

Facebook reached an important milestone for the week ending March 13, 2010 and surpassed Google in the US to become the most visited website for the week.

The market share of visits to Facebook.com increased 185% last week as compared to the same week in 2009, while visits to Google.com increased 9% during the same time frame.

This when compared to last year’s mere 2% of US web traffic, is a massive growth to the current 7%. This data has been released by Hitwise and we can make sure of this research, once other online firms release their reports on this incident.

Both Google and Facebook have their own ad services. If Facebook really wins the pageview game, it will work wonders for the already popular Facebook ads.

The complete report by Dougherty can be read here.

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