Facebook Bans Google Adsense in Facebook Apps

Earlier this week, Facebook announced that it will be allowing only a select list of advertising networks on Apps on Facebook.com. Only those advertisers who agree to not use user data and have signed the platform terms for ad providers will be allowed to advertise on Facebook.

Here’s the list of approved ad networks. Unsurprisingly, Google Adsense is not to be found on it. Google and Facebook have been at loggerheads over user data sharing, with Google often calling Facebook a walled garden. With these platform policies, Facebook has ensured that no ad provider is able to access user data through any application.

The official statement says that “We will begin enforcing this policy on 2/28, which should provide you and other developers the time required to switch ad providers or to help us sign terms with the ad providers you may be using. We will continue to add other ad providers in the coming weeks. If your ad provider is not on this list, we encourage you to contact them to determine if they are planning on signing our terms.”

Somehow I doubt that Google Adsense is going to make it on the list. Unless, of course, Google agrees to those policies, which I don’t suppose it will.

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