Facebook Enters the World of Apps with Its App Center

Facebook has unveiled plans to create an app store exclusively for Facebook. This app store called the App Center will run inside the native Facebook apps on the respective platforms. It will offer apps like Pintrest, Spotify, Viddy and many others, all inside the native Facebook app. However, the apps displayed on the store will be coupled with a rating system that will use the existing Facebook Insights platform.

Aaron Brady announced the App Center on the Facebook developers Blog, saying,

In the coming weeks, people will be able to access the App Center on the web and in the iOS and Android Facebook apps. All canvas, mobile and web apps that follow the guidelines can be listed. All developers should start preparing today to make sure their app is included in the launch.


The URL for App Center has been decided as https://www.facebook.com/appcenter. However, the page is unavailable currently. Currently, all apps that wish to make it to Facebook’s App Center are required to use the Facebook login feature. Apps from the Facebook App Center will be linked to the respective native apps on platforms like Android and iOS. For now, the App Center is not hosting or selling any apps. Its primary focus is creating accurate visibility for apps based on user ratings.

More details on the App store can be found at this page.

With so many apps stores around, in order to hit critical mass Facebook’s App Center has to make an offer to developers, an offer that they cannot refuse. Facebook is rightfully venturing out and trying new things, because as far as a user-base is concerned, Facebook is already at its peak. Moreover, existing app stores are vastly disorganized and some rating and review system will create a more competitive platform and bring in the much-needed order.

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