Facebook Announces ‘Facebook Questions’

Have a question? Who better to ask than 500 Million Facebook users! Facebook just announced a beta version of Facebook Questions, something very similar to Yahoo! Answers albeit with a better reach and prospect of success. Facebook Questions has only been released to limited users yet so you might not see it for a few days.

The new feature allows you to ask a question and let the 500 Million people answer that for you. You can ask anything from the square root of 6456546 to what are some good bars in Beijing to visit? Chances are somebody within the massive Facebook community will know the answer. Beware though that any question you post on Facebook would be completely public and hence would also show up in search engine listings.

What’s neat about the feature though is the ability to attach a photo to your question, something which Yahoo! Answers currently doesn’t offer, or even create a quick poll. If you don’t want your question to go to everybody, you can tag it with a keyword so it is only visible to people who have expressed that keyword as an interest. For example if you are asking about how to operate a new Canon Digital rebel XT, you can tag your question with photography and Facebook will only show your question to people who have expressed interest in photography.

On the other hand, this will provide a good opportunity for many time-wasters to spend more time on Facebook and just keep on browsing the kind of questions people ask. Again, if you are one of those people who are asking why don’t I see Facebook Questions, remember that it has only been released to a limited number of users yet.

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