Facebook and Bing Announce Social Integration

and Microsoft’s Bing have announced a deeper integration with each other where users will now be able to see what your Facebook friends are liking in Bing’s search results.

Facebook and Bing Integration

With the new integration, users will now be able to find recommendations based on their Facebook friends likes. For example, if you are searching for a movie or a place to eat, you will see recommendations based on what your friends in Facebook have liked.

Facebook and Bing Integration Movie Search

As you can see from the screenshots above, Bing now also adds an additional snippet based on what your friends have suggested. This is something which will make things easier, but could also cause a privacy nightmare for people, based on how Facebook decides to share this data with Bing. I would definitely want this data to be opt-in and not opt-out.


In addition to that, Bing will also display new people search from Facebook whenever you are search for a person. This feature is somewhat similar to what Google displays in Search results, however, most of the results will now come from Facebook data.

Privacy? Well if you are paranoid, Bing does mention that only data which was made public will show up in search results. So make sure to visit your profile and set it up such that you are very comfortable in sharing what you only want to.

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