Facebook Acquires Threadsy; Looking to Bolster Social Ad Offering

Today has been a relatively slow news day, except for the Apple vs Samsung jury verdict, which is being lapped up by news outlets across the web.

There was one more interesting, though mostly neglected, development in the tech space. Facebook, which continues to acq-hire startups left, right and center, has acquired Threadsy, the company behind a social analytics tool called Swaylo.

Here’s the official statement by Threadsy’s CEO:

“Swaylo offers you the opportunity to see what kind and how much attention you’re getting for the things you post, share, and like on social media networks. Through an analysis of your social graph, Swaylo reflects your Sway – the impact your online activities have in your social circle and across the social graph.

Today we’re announcing that Threadsy will be acquired by Facebook. Threadsy is the company that operates Swaylo.com, provides people with their Sway score, and helps businesses, organizations and brands connect with their social influencers.

This is incredibly exciting for us! We built Swaylo because we believe Facebook and other social media services are the digital representation of our lives. There is no better opportunity to take Swaylo’s vision to the next level than at Facebook.”

Swaylo offered a visual interface which enabled customers to measure the impact of their social campaigns on Facebook. The product fits in nicely with Facebook’s advertising offering, and the team may build out Facebook’s analytics and reporting tools, contributing to its primary revenue engine — social ads.

Facebook’s stock is at an all time low right now. If Facebook is able to prove the value of its social advertising offering to advertisers in the next couple of quarters, it could easily be worth the $100 billion it was supposed to be worth just a few months ago. This seems to be a step in the right direction.

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  • Looks like Facebook is pretty aggressive in acquiring companies now.