Facebook Acquires Malaysian Startup Octazen

Unlike Google, Facebook is not going crazy making acquisitions. In fact, thy Malaysian based Octazen Solutions is only their third acquisition following Parakey and FriendFeed. GigaOm breaks the story about Facebook acquiring Octazen last week for an undisclosed sum. Octazen is a relatively small and unknown startup that developed solutions allowing social network users to import contacts from other services.

Facebook says the acquisition is purely a talent acquisition and the two people behind Octazen are now Facebook employees. Octazen has stopped signing up new customers and are apparently in a transition phase to bring everythin over to the biggest social network of the world. They say they will honor their existing contracts.

This is what old Octazen website claims they did:

Octazen Solutions is the leading provider of address book contact importer scripts and social network scripts that empower you to do exactly that !

Octazen has been criticized by many to collect and retain data without being detected and use it for much more than just allowing users to importing contacts. The absence of a statement from Facebook is also not helping the speculations going around about the reason for this acquisition. People have even suggested that Octazen resold the data it collected and involved in some other shady practices. Here is a demo of one of their scripts. What do you think about this acquisition, is there more to it than meets the eye?

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