Facebook Acquires Facial Recognition Technology Company Face.com

The much rumor acquisition of Face.com by Facebook has been confirmed by Face.com on their blog. Face.com offers facial recognition technology which is already in use at Facebook for auto-tag suggestions when users upload photos to Facebook.

Face.com was founded in 2007 in Israel and offers desktop and mobile products identifying faces and allowing ability to tag them.  The deal is expected to close in the coming weeks. The company also provides API’s to developers to use their technology. Face.com, in their blogpost have specifically mentioned that this acquisition wouldn’t hamper the developers using their APIs in their applications.

From Face.com’s official blogpost:

Now, lots of developers use Face.com technology to power various apps and make wonderful products.  We love you guys, and the plan is to continue to support our developer community.  If there are new developments you can expect to hear from us here, on the developer blog, and through our developer newsletter.

The financials of the deal were not disclosed by AllthingD is quoting the acquisition to be in the range of $80 to $100 million. This is essentially an team and technology acquisition and the entire team at Face.com is expected to join Facebook. The deal is expected to close by this week, according to a report from AllthingsD.

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