Facebook: 260 Billion Page Views Per Month and Other Stats

We saw Facebook becoming the most visited website in the US around Christmas. Everybody knows that Facebook gets crazy amounts of traffic but how much exactly is it?

Pingdom has put together a report using data from Google Ad Planner and reports that Facebook serves over 260 Billion Page views per month. If that doesn’t sound a lot to you, note that it comes to 260,000,000,000 page views per month. If you do the math, that translates to around 8.6 Billion page views daily and over 6 Million page views every minute.

The Pingdom report also compares this number to the 4.4 billion page views that Twitter gets and notes that Facebook has 59 times more page views than Twitter. MySpace, the second most popular social network also lags behind significantly with only 24 billion page views each month. With 350 Million active users, that comes to around 75 pages per user per month.

Looking at this data confirms Facebook’s position as the #1 social networking site in the global market and doesn’t look like MySpace can catch up to it now. However, the real task for Facebook is to convert this mammoth number of page views in to real money.

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