Free Apple iPad Beta Test on Facebook Is A Scam

Free Apple iPad Beta Test on Facebook Is A Scam

Trust hackers and malware spreaders to take advantage of people’s desires, vulnerabilities and even disasters like Chile to make money for themselves.

Free Apple iPad

A recent update on Graham Cluley’s blog pointed out a new scam on , where scammers create few pages on Facebook, which claimed that users would get a free Apple if they register to become a beta-tester.

However, this page is basically a scam which is used as a bait to get cellphone details from unsuspecting users. Take a look at the video below to learn more on how this scam is used to fool users.

For more information and details visit this post.

6 thoughts on “Free Apple iPad Beta Test on Facebook Is A Scam”

    1. I am not entirely sure why you are calling it a “scam”. Sure it looks like a pain in the butt to fill in and there may be charges just as you said but companies have been doing this for years. Do you think they will give you a $500 iPad for free? Of course not, you have to do something in order to receive it.

      Nothing new in the world of advertising.

  1. Great post !
    As apple i pad hits markets, certainly
    scammers will float different fraud schemes
    mostly on social sites like face book. Best part
    will not to reveal any personal information
    in any case of deal.


  2. I’m sorry but did you happen to notice the “pass” button that allows you to bypass the survey? You’re not a very good survey filler are you? Even then, I’ve seen the website and it’s a scam.

  3. Did you notice the ‘pass’ button? Anyways, it’s a dead end for those surveys anyways. Still… it annoys me that you are so presumptuous as to claim that it leads to a phone scam.

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