Express Your Life with Timeline Movie Maker

Let me tell you about a nifty website that you will want to add to your online repertoire. It is called Timeline Movie Maker. Timeline Movie Maker allows you to take elements from your Facebook timeline and incorporate them in a short movie that you can share with your friends. It could use some refinements. However, it is simple to use.

When you first arrive at their website you are greeted with the following:

Timeline Movie Maker

There are no fancy tutorials or instructions, just a big green button that says “Make Your Movie”. When you click it you get the typical app permission window you see when you install anything related to Facebook. See the picture below.

App Permission

When you click the “Log In with Facebook” button the app gets to work. In the image below, you can see how the app automatically starts going through your Facebook timeline and gives you an indication of where it is in the process.

Making the Movie

Before you know it, you hear music playing and a video montage of your Facebook timeline streams right before your eyes. When the video finishes you see the window picture below.

Remake the Movie

If you like the movie as is, then simply click share and it will post to your Facebook timeline for all to enjoy. However, if your experience is like mine you probably won’t want to do that right away. Notice in the picture above, there is a picture highlighted with a red circle. The app randomly pics images from your timeline so something as mundane as a map of where you checked in at the dentist shows up in the movie. Fortunately, at this stage they give you the opportunity to select a different picture. If you see a picture you don’t like simply click it and the picture will change. I have to admit I would rather have had a dialog box where I could go to the picture I wanted to put in there. Unfortunately, you have to click the picture until it finally finds a picture you like. You can also change the soundtrack using this dialog. Once your finished selecting the pictures you want, click “Remake Your Movie”.

Your movie will regenerate and will give you another preview. If you are happy with the movie simply click the “Share” button. Now you will see the window pictured below.


Please make note of the options in the top right corner. Above you will see where it says “Friends of Friends”. That is pretty lenient and you may not want that to be who sees your new movie. Make sure these permissions are set the way you want them to be. When you’re happy with it, click “Share Link”. There will now be a link to your movie that your Facebook friends can enjoy.

Timeline Movie Maker is pretty fun and definitely simple to use. I could think of a lot of ways to make it better though. Hopefully there is more to come. In the meantime, give a try and tell us what you think. I believe you might find this little web app entertaining, despite its shortcomings.

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