Everything+: How Google+ Changes (And Will Change) The Social Landscape [Editorial]

Google+: Mobile Will Free Us All

As an Android user, I often feel slighted by the offerings of mobile apps for social networks. It is common knowledge that the Facebook app for iPhone is considerably better than the Android version. The Twitter app continues that pattern. It seems as though iPhone apps always get update before their Android counterparts. While that may be due to the increased amount of time that iOS has existed when compared to Android, I still think its unacceptable.

The Google+ mobile app won’t need to suffer from this plague. While it is currently only available for Android, it is only a matter of time until the iOS version is released. With the power behind Google and G+, there is no reason that the apps can’t be kept in sync.

Another aspect of the Google+ mobile experience that I have fallen for is Huddle. Huddle is a web based messaging client similar to BBM or Beluga. While you can message with a single user, the beauty of Circles again comes into play. You can start a Huddle with a Circle or group of Circles, giving you the freedom to text without the fees with whole groups of people. Google is again setting a standard.

A final note about the Google+ mobile experience, and this one involves media sharing. Within the mobile app, you are given the option to enable Instant Upload. This sort of instant gratification for media sharing is the first of its kind. With the power to connect deeply with the Android OS, Google has changed the way I think about taking pictures with my phone.

Google+: Creating A New Paradigm For Feedback

When I first started using Google+, I was shown the button to give feedback on the project. Hitting the gear at the top right hand corner, and then selecting the Feedback option will give you a window like nothing I have seen before. Where many websites save a URL and ask for a description, Google has changed the game.

The feedback section seems like an odd feature to highlight, but it really illustrates the thought that went into Google+. The ability to give a screenshot, and then protect your personal information, is huge in the world of Feedback. Never before have I encountered a system like this, and I sincerely hope that other services adopt something similar.

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