EverQuest Starter Pack with 15 Expansions available for $2.50 on Steam

Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game the expansion of the acronym MMORPG immediately brings up the phrase World of Warcraft. Blizzard Entertainments massively popular online game evokes multitudes of emotions from its players and its haters. WoW has had two expansions with a third in the making. However, if you think of the game that defined the genre of MMORPG, it has to be EverQuest. Since its release in March 1999, the game has had sixteen expansions and is still going strong despite being an aged game. Steam has released a highly discounted starter pack of EverQuest for the jaw-dropping price of $2.50 for its 10th anniversary!


Though the graphics have deteriorated visibly, the game still retains its inherent playability (as seen by the vast amounts of people still playing this game) and with frequent expansion packs, this is Sony Online Entertainment’s cash cow. Nevertheless with twenty new zones and a 30-day free subscription to an EverQuest account, this is by far the best deal on EverQuest in quite a long time.


The monthly subscription for EverQuest is $14.99 and will be charged after the 30-day free subscription expires. There are also two unique non-tradable items available for Steam buyers the Rusty Steam Valve and the Shroud of Steam. Talk about puns!

Buy the EverQuest Starter Pack from Steam for $2.50.

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