Ericsson To Launch eStore With The Help Of Opera


Sony Ericsson, with the help of Opera web browser announced a comprehensive application store solution, called the Ericsson eStore. With Opera Web technology, including Opera Mobile, Opera Mini and Opera Widgets, the eStore enables operators to provide a branded application store to their subscribers. The eStore concept offers a wide variety of free or premium Opera Widgets, as well as native applications.

Since the eStore is an open platform that many operators can share it’s cost efficient.  Opera’s cross-platform capabilities allow the eStore to serve as a one-stop-shop for customers to purchase and start using new applications on their mobile phones and other devices.

Due to Opera’s cross-platform capabilities, we are able to help Ericsson deliver Web based solutions across a wide range of devices," said Jon von Tetzchner, Co-founder, Opera Software ASA. "We are excited to be cooperating with Ericsson on their new eStore, and to help deliver superior Web experience to the potential one billion subscribers who are accessing the eStore on various devices and platforms."


Jason Ford, Handmark VP of Development and Distribution, says: "We fully support the eStore and see it as a great platform for helping to deliver a fantastic mobile shopping experience, while also connecting brands and businesses to a loyal and engaged group of mobile users."


As of now the Sony Ericsson eStore is available in 25 markets worldwide.

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