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[Greetings to the readers and visitors of Techie Buzz. I thank Keith for inviting me on the writers panel of this nice blog].

EntreCard is the new buzz on the blogosphere.

You will be seeing lots of yellow buttons on blogs these days, both on established ones like John Chow & Problogger.net as well as hundreds of not-so-established blogs, all screaming and inviting you to drop your e-card in their boxes. There are very remote chances that you have not yet heard about EntreCard, specially if you are an active blogger. Even then, allow me to say that EntreCard is the latest Web 2.0 application, where bloggers exchange a 125 x 125 button, just like a business card and hope to get more traffic.

Ok…OK, they not only hope, but they also get the traffic.

And in the hope of getting more traffic, I also created a cool button for me and displayed it there on my blog Web Tools and Tips. It has been about 30 hours that it is there on my blog and have earned me a cool 58 credit points, which are just about quarter of the credit points required for me to be able to display my button on JohnChow.com.

Besides these credits, it has sent about 48 odd visitors, and I have yet to check, how much time they have spent on my blog.

Nice idea, but at present I am not in a position to say, how far it will go. Today, there are hundreds of posts on various blogs, stating how they have been able to increase the traffic through EntreCard. There are contests being organized, credits being awarded and rewarded and some smart guys are even talking of creating DropBots, which will automatize the process of dropping the e-cards, without actually visiting the blogs.

These success stories may be true, but in my humble opinion, I have certain reservations before giving my verdict, and I thought I might share them with you.

The name “EntreCard“: EntreCard or Enterecard…oops, I mis-spelled it at least three times. It could have been a lot more simpler. For instance, I just checked Enterecard.com, and it has not yet been registered with anybody. Right now, I am thinking to get this domain name registered in my name, who knows the future.

The effort involved: It takes a lot of time to visit other blogs with a sole purpose of dropping your card. I started to do that, but I could carry it to 9 blogs, and after that I gave up. I don’t know, whether others are dropping 50 or 100 per day, but I can’t do that.

The quality of the traffic: Certainly questionable, because most of the visitors have been coming just for dropping the e-cards. They are more interested in dropping, rather than what I am writing.

Seems like another BlogExplosion or BlogRush: I compare it to be just like BlogExplosion, which requires you to stay at least 30 seconds on a blog to earn credit. Similarly in case of EntreCard, it requires certain time to visit a blog and drop your card. Similar services, and it is a fact that I am not a big fan of BlogExplosion. It also reminds me of BlogRush, which also promised to give traffic based upon the number of impressions your BlogRush widget got. For me both these services are of no significant use.

A huge burst of emails: As soon as I created my acount, I was bombarded with tens of Advert requests, all looking to be spam, as if I had made the biggest mistake of registering with a porn site. LOL. If I got so many, how much the big blogs must be getting, and how they will be coping with that. I can’t imagine that. For me, they all look like spam mails.

The Revenue Model: And last, but not the least, I could not figure out, what is their revenue model. I could not see any advertising on their site. Either it is going to come in near future, or this complete business might be sold. Remember, why I was considering registering Enterecard.com in my name.

P.S.: I was even able to find one spelling mistake also on their homepage, despite them having very few words there.

So, at present, I might be in a minority, when all the people are giving it a thumbs up. But who knows the future, it may be a success also, and a failure too. What are your views, let us all know.

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