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If you are into improving your productivity while you are at your computer, you can use an shortcut enhancer such as Enso Launcher. You have probably heard of or using Launchy at the moment to launch programs or shortcuts efficiently. Let’s look at a new offering in this area and how it surpasses everything else you have seen in efficienc.

What is Enso Launcher?

Humanized is a software created to make the complications in using a computer in this age a little bit less. While working on something like writing an article, we are distracted by having to launch other appilcations in between for eg. to do a calculation, or get meaning for a word or do a web search. It breaks our concentration and makes it harder to perform the task at hand harder.

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At your fingertips

Enso Launcher aims at making this task easier than ever so it doesn’t take precious seconds to open notepad or your calculator but instead take less than a second. Enso Launcher’s open command literally places applications, files and startup folders, etc in your fingertips. Enso uses the ‘Caps Lock’ key to create a overlay command bar to type in your commands.

You can open not only applications but even the My Computer, My Document folder, Control Panels applications, etc. You can even minimize and maximize windows with simple commands.

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Teach Enso Your Favorites

You can teach Enso Launcher all your favorites with the ‘learn as open’ command. To teach Enso to open your confidential documents folder, just select the ‘Confidential’ folder, press Caps-Lock key and type ‘learn as open confidential’. Next time you want to get to that folder, you can just type ‘open confi..’ and it will find that. You can even create bookmarks to your favorite websites by typing the url in a notepad and selecting the url and type ‘learn as open techiebuzz’ to save it. The possibilities of the learn as open command is endless.

You can delete your favorites from Enso with the ‘unlearn’ command.

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Find that window!

When you are working through the day it is quite easy to end up with a lot windows from different applications as well as numerous tabs in Firefox open. It can tedious to find the right window you want to switch to. With Enso’s ‘go’ command, switching to the right window and even to the correct Firefox tab is made really easy. If you use Alt+tab shortcut to switch windows, it could take a dozen keystrokes if you had that many windows open to get to the correct window. With Enso Launcher, you could get to it quickly with the ‘go’ command.

My thoughts

Enso is not here to replace your Start menu in Windows. You will still need your Start Menu to discover apps or folders you have. However, once you start using something and know it’s in your computer, Enso comes in to kick your productivity into high gear!

It is kind of weird to start using the CapsLock key for something else out of the blue. But, once I started using it started coming to me normally. Of course, if that isn’t your cup of tea, you can configure a different key.

If your are thinking ‘this is just a QuickSilver clone’, the similarities end with the search and locate feature. Enso is a command system and is modal in nature which takes some getting used to but touted to be more productive. (holidng the CapsLock key down while you type commands).

I think Enso Launcher is going to become irreplaceable for me. I thought Launchy was great but Enso Launcher just swept me off my feet. Did I mention it has been made FREE now?

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