Encyclopedia Dramatica Shut Down, Or Did It Just Get DDoSed?

If you haven’t heard about Encyclopedia Dramatica yet, I will point you to go to this Wikipedia article. The Wikipedia satire which is run by the 4Chan Anonymous group has poked fun on several people and things, Wiki style. However, it looks like the website has now been shut down or has been taken down like other 4Chan properties.

Encyclopedia Dramatica

Encyclopedia Dramatica has been used to document and poke fun at various personalities. It has even been used to poke fun on the infamous banner on Wikipedia where Jimmy Wales asked visitors to donate to the site.

However, the Encyclopedia Dramatica site (http://encyclopediadramatica.com/) seems to be down right now. It isn’t clear whether the site’s  has been shut down or whether it has just been hit with a DDoS. Nevertheless, its not loading anymore and we are trying to gather more information about it.

If you haven’t visited Encyclopedia Dramatica, you could do now thanks to this Google Cache page.

(h/t @weemundo)

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  • http://forums.encyclopediadramatica.com Joseph Evers

    It’s not being DDoS’d.

  • mongler

    you would have to be pretty stupid to think there is any association between ED and anonymous or 4chan.

    ED owners, moderators, sysosops, etc HATE the comparison. There are literally 10,000+ articles on ED.

    the site has been around since looooong before “Anonymous” hit the mainstream media.

    its not that hard to do research buddy.

  • http://encyclopediadramatica.com/User:Rbuchanan John Smith

    The owners shut it down themselves ;_;

  • :)
  • :)

    And nothing of value was lost.

  • ANON

    its gone.

  • http://encyclopediadramatica.ch/Ed Anonymous