Edit Pictures Online Using Free Picture Editors

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Time to give another Desktop software the boot. With so many free and easy to use online picture editors available it is bye bye photoshop for me.

Though the online picture editors are not yet up to the mark to be used by professional designers, for folks like us who just want to create some snapshots for our blogs, these could prove to be quite useful.

Fauxto, Photoshop Lookalike online picture editor

Fauxto is a photoshop lookalike that allows you to create images using layers, and is the only one that has this feature right now. Best of all its available through your browser and its FREE.


Picture2Life is another online picture editor which allows you edit your pictures online. It allows you edit pictures that are already uploaded to sites like MySpace, Flickr, H15, Photobucket etc you can just provide the url link to your picture and it will be imported to Picture2Life.


Snipshot allows you to the option to either upload the image from your pc or open the it from a url. It has a lot of features like one-click import for images, ability to save as either gif, jpg, pdf, png or tif, unlimited undo and redo and more.


Picnik is another online picture editor which allows you to edit all your online photos easily. Picnik works directly with photo sharing sites and provides you with one click photo fixing


Pixer is another alternative for your desktop photo editor. It allows you to upload your pictures online and edit it, using functions to resize, crop add special effects etc.

You can also check few of the other options for editing pictures online



Do let me know if you are using any other solutions or any other online picture editor that you may be using. Looking forward to your experiences.

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17 thoughts on “Edit Pictures Online Using Free Picture Editors”

  1. Announcing the launch of the most advanced online graphics/image/photo editor at:

    Version 1.0 launched on the 1th of May 2010, after 5 years of stealth development.

    For many purposes, GfxEditor enables you to create graphics with less effort. Just by going to the Editor web page you get all this:

    Advanced online tools for page layouting, drawing, image/photo editing and printing on merchandise. No other graphics editor has this kind of integration.

    A huge amount of graphical content, including 981 fonts, 210 vector clipart collections, 127 Brush Sets and over 15.000 images.
    Search for images on the top 3 image sharing websites, Wikimedia, Flickr and Picasa.

    At the touch of a button, display your graphics on over 250 retail quality merchandise products, most of which can be produced within 24 hours.

  2. dont forget aviary.com its the most powerful online tools for graphics.Its a photoshop look alike also with more features like Photo-editing, logos, web templates, filters, color palettes, screen capture & more.

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