Is PayPal Freezing Accounts that Donate to WikiLeaks?

Earlier today, at, a person by the nickname HelloKevin11 posted the following thread.

Paypal shut my account today because my business donated money to wikileaks.

I go to log into my business account, and it’s locked. The girl on the phone told me it’s because my account handles a large amount of money (it’s a biz account), I recently sent a lot of money ($4000) overseas, and I also sent money to wikileaks. My account is being investigated for illegal activities and I have to account for what the money was used for. They want invoices and such …

wikileaksWe’ve covered many topics about WikiLeaks in the last few months. We’ve also posted plenty of stories about problems with PayPal accounts. However, this one might potentially impact the most internet users. I have not been able to confirm that this is the truth yet, but if it is, I have to ask this question.

Is PayPal an instrument of the United States’ war on terrorism?

Does any user of PayPal now have to worry that big brotheris watching over their shoulder as they buy and sell products online? How far does the reach of the US State Department extend? Will people in France, England and India have to worry about their accounts being frozen? What charitable causes will be targeted next? Can I safely donate money to the Electronic Frontier Foundation?

HelloKevin’s post already has nearly 1000 comments. The comments are ranging all over the map, with most of them containing at least a hint of outrage. According to Kevin, he’ll be contacting PayPal by phone on Monday to ask for a verbal explanation. He intends to record the conversation.

Until then, all we have are lots of unanswered questions.

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