Earth to Declare War on the Moon

As you may know, Earth has been increasingly targeting the Moon since their 1959th year and even launched a manned invasion in their year 1969. In a few universal hours (Earth time: Friday, October 10th at 7:30am EDT), Earth will fire one more shot in it’s ever escalating conflict with it’s closest neighbor, Luna, sometimes called “the Moon”.

A portion of an unmanned space craft called LCROSS will slam into Cabeus, an eternally dark crater on Luna. It’s been reported that many of the war mongering Earthlings are hoping for a spectacular plume of dust to be ejected from Luna. This geyser of lunar soil is expected to be visible from many areas on the Earth via the use of their crude telescopes. Naturally, they claim it’s a peaceful mission to search for water.

Here’s a quote from one of their popular  fascist  media sources named “”:

Targeting the Moon: Observatories Gear Up for Friday Lunar Crash

080226-lcross-02 Scientists are hoping for a literal slam dunk with NASA’s upcoming Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite, or LCROSS mission – an event to be observed by a coordinated network of Earth and space-based equipment. LCROSS will search for  water ice on the moon on Friday morning by crashing its spent upper-stage Centaur rocket into Cabeus, a permanently sunlight-shy crater within the lunar south pole region  … read more

Below is some secretly captured video of the Earth’s last attack on Luna which took place in their 2008th year.

As a peaceful Martian, I can only say that this proves beyond any doubt that Earth is not ready for entry into the Pan-Dimensional Congress. I sincerely hope that the advance warning given to the Lunarians will keep their loss of life and property to a minimum. Surprisingly, the Lunarians have been silent about these vicious attacks. Surely, they believe that this is a blood-thirsty act of war.

To the degenerate Earthlings: I hope you all get a bad case of albino-brain-chiggers as you watch this treacherous moon-bombing live from the obsolete telecommunication devices you use.

Be sure to comment below if you agree, as I do, that Earth should be banished from this continuum.

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  • So, Clif. The war between the Earth and the Moon is possible, once the people from the Earth emigrated to Lunar in the future…

    • cody shorting

      you guys dont understand this particular claim might not be true but they (NASA) and others are covering up alot of vital information on the lunar landing on the moon and there first trip and walking on the moon has proved this considering half of what they said of the medias version is part truth. but the other part has been covered up and will remain a secret because we have made contact and we will continue t do so or our high powered governments will do so undetected until we actually start to open our eyes and see that not everything we see on the news is truth and the lunar landing is just one example of our unfortunate truth we will all experience.

      • Hi Cody – I’m sure you have good reasons to doubt that you’ve been told the truth about the human exploration of space. Are you even sure that humans have landed (in person) on the moon. Maybe you should watch an entertaining movie about how the lunar landing was faked.

        Maybe those moon rocks that were being shown the terran public were fake as well? We Martians know the truth, but we will never reveal it until the Earthlings have evolved a good deal.

  • You should be put in jail for making ridiculous claims like this. You are not a martian and you are not from another planet. What in the world makes you think its OK and your FREE to make up stories like this? Do you have any idea how hard you make it for people to open their minds up when they hear and believe in nonsense like this? One day Earth might actually have the technology and ability to accomplish interstellar travel as well as discover alien races, but until those days arrive, promoting ideas like above only limit the independent thinking nature of the human species. People need to learn to break away from their need for higher powers long before we are able to think outside of the box enough to accomplish life altering achievements like these. If you truly care for people and want to see our species achieve the so called "impossible" do your part and STFU about nonsense and share ideas and information that is helpful, not delusional. Further brainwashing is not what we need, we have enough of that with religion. Do your part. STFU

    • Be very careful when you tell a peaceful Martian like myself to STFU. We can be pushed too far and we do have the power to turn you into a non-corporeal being. Just ask Jimmy Hoffa. LOL

  • Ahhh I thought you were crazy at first, but after doing a little google search for a non-corporeal life form I discovered your just WAY to into Star Trek. Enjoy your phony lie of a life. When your old and gray you'll be depressed, regretful and you'll wish you could go back and live life again, only this time appreciating the chance you had to live..

    • Ryan – thank you so much for the comments. It's pretty depressing here on Mars most days. There's not much to do except watch Earth's cute little rovers digging up pieces of our soil for analysis.

      I've shared your comments with my fellow Martians and they are all delighted. However, please try to tone them down just a little. I'm fearful that too much more may cause a mass extinction from rolling on the floor and laughing ourselves to death.

      Once again, many thanks.

  • Ryan isn't saying anything that us Ganymedians haven't been thinking for centuries. STFU, Clif.