Dropbox Hits 1.0: Selective Sync, Bug Fixes And More Improvements

Just a month back, we told you that an experimental build of Dropbox is in the works. The experimental build gave some hints on the upcoming features of Dropbox e.g defining a custom upload/download speed for file uploads or completely pausing the file downloads from the system tray icon.

Today, Dropbox has finally graduated out of Beta – hence releasing the version 1.0 of Dropbox client for Windows, Linux and MAC.

The newer build of Dropbox consists of hundreds of bug fixes along with reduced resource usage. So if your computer has a fairly low RAM card and Dropbox hogged down the system every other day, now you have a reason to rejoice.

However, the most noteworthy feature that has been included is Selective Sync

You guessed it right. With Dropbox’s selective sync, you can choose to sync only specific folders with Dropbox and not the entire “My Dropbox” folder. This is useful, when you know that the “Videos” folder hasn’t changed for a while and there is no need to sync that specific folder with your Dropbox account. Good for users who are on a limited bandwidth quota and always worry whether Dropbox uploads and downloads might overflow their monthly broadband bills.

The Dropbox blog says that the developers spent a lot of time fixing common Dropbox problems e.g invalid file names, Word or Excel file locking, Truecrypt support and so on. They have also prettied up the installation wizard, which is of course good for your grandma if she wants to have a go with Dropbox.

What We look Forward To ?

This new release is surely great, but we want more !

The newer build hasn’t incorporated a much needed feature – the ability to sync any file or folder with Dropbox. Say I have a lot of videos stored in the F drive and I want to sync them with my Dropbox account. In that case, either I have to copy all the files to the “My Dropbox” folder or move the entire “Videos” folder to the “My Dropbox” folder. Painful !

As a workaround, geeks can use the earlier mentioned symbolic links technique and sync any file or folder with Dropbox. Novice users have to wait until Dropbox guys incorporate this feature in their next major release.

You can download version 1.0 of the Dropbox client for Windows, Linux and MAC from the Dropbox homepage

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