Sharing Dropbox Files Just Got A Little Easier With Public Dropbox Links Across All Folders

Sharing large files with other Dropbox users is super easy, all you have to do is create a new folder within your Dropbox account, dump all the files in this folder and invite your friends or collaborators to the shared folder. This will create a new shared folder on the Dropbox accounts of both you and your friend and all the collaborators can copy files in the shared folder to share files within the group.

This has been a real lifesaver for Dropbox users butit hasn’t been that straight forward, when you’re sharing with non Dropbox users.

Consider you have a bunch of files in a nested Dropbox folder and you want to share all these files with someone who does not have a Dropbox account. Here, you will have to first move all those files to the public folder, grab the public downloadable link and then share it. Too much work and it sometimes breaks your file organization with redundant copies of the same data.

Thankfully, Dropbox has introduced Dropbox links, a new feature which allows one click sharing of files, even if they are not present in the public folder of your Dropbox account.


Using Dropbox links, you can quickly share photos, documents, videos, MP3’s, PowerPoint presentations, Word documents and other files with users who aren’t yet using the service. Click the “Get Link” icon next to any file or folder and Dropbox will open the file in a new browser window.

Copy the URL of that file and send it to your friend, all done!


Here are a few examples:

Code snippet:


Photo gallery:






This feature is being rolled out in the web version of Dropbox, Dropbox for mobile and Dropbox for desktop. It would be great if Dropbox introduces auto expiration of links after a given time period, this will make sure that old links automatically expire and the sharing feature is not exploited.

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