From 4 Million to a Whopping 25 Million, Dropbox Has Exploded In a Year

From 2 million in 2009 to double that amount in 2010 and now at 25 million users, Dropbox is the elephant in the file-sharing room with some impressive stats. Dropbox started way back in 2007 and has offered fast reliable file storage and syncing solutions for four years now.


It is worth a mention that Dropbox also proves to be an excellent solution for managing projects across multiple groups. The availability on both desktop and mobile platforms makes Dropbox a completely portable file-storage and syncing solution.

Dropbox has seen a massive growth, though it is interesting to see if the growth is convertible into profits. Dropbox is extremely secretive about their revenue. However, their service is quite efficient in bandwidth and this has led to a neat hack that lets us use Dropbox as a fast CDN.

Dropbox offers 2 GB of free initial storage that can be increased to 8 GB with referrals. Clearly, this is an easy target to achieve if you have around 24 friends online and  this is impressive so far. Though, let us have a look at a close competitor has ~6 million users, and provides secure storage with 75% of its customers from Fortune 500. Dropbox, on the other hand has connected better to general users who use it for personal file storage.

Clearly, Dropbox has a bright future ahead and is on a good roadmap.

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Chinmoy Kanjilal

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