Android Users, Here is Your Chance to Get 23 GB Free Space In Dropbox Right Now!

Another day, another Dropbox hack, and you get more Dropbox storage space for free. But this time its huge – a whooping 23 GB. For nothing!

All you need is an Android device and no more than 180 seconds from your life.

Before you proceed, I want to make two things clear. First, this is not an official promotional campaign from Dropbox and the following steps involves installing a third party APK file on your Android device. If you don’t know what that means, it would be better not to proceed any further. Installing third party applications from unknown sources can be harmful in more ways than one so please be careful and proceed only when you know what you are doing.

1. On your Android phone or tablet device, uninstall the official Dropbox app from settings > applications > manage applications > Dropbox > uninstall.

2. Download this APK file on your Android and install this experimental build on your phone. You might have to turn on “Unknown sources” under settings > applications.

3. Once you have installed this experimental build, sign in to your Dropbox account from Android, wait a couple of minutes and you should see your Dropbox storage space bumped up by an earth shattering 23 GB.


This will be followed by an email from the Dropbox team which reads:

Hi [user],
Congrats on becoming a Dropbox Guru! We’ve awarded you 23 GB of bonus space for the next 24 months! You now have 29.5 GB on Dropbox. To get even more space, check out our upgrade options.Thanks again for supercharging your HTC device with Dropbox. Enjoy!

This 23 GB free Dropbox space will only last two years but a little more space doesn’t hurt anyway. Once you have obtained the 23 GB free space from Dropbox, you can uninstall the third party APK and then re-install the official Dropbox app from here.

Jokes apart, I am a little skeptical over these insanely tempting hacks that pop up every now and then, so I tried this one on one of my dummy Dropbox account (just don’t want to mess my main storage in greed of more free space). I am just wondering why Dropbox is not at all concerned about these hacks? Even kids can exploit this very useful service with fake accounts, store an enormous amount of junk in the cloud or try to spam the web with gigabytes of files stored in the public Dropbox folder.

Thank you Rajesh for the tip hack.

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