Download Yahoo Messenger for Windows Vista

You can now download a cool new version of Yahoo! Messenger for Windows Vista. Today, Yahoo Messenger Preview has been released for download for Windows Vista users. Yahoo Messenger for Vista integrates with Vista very well, and has some specific and unique features only available for Windows Vista.

Download Yahoo Messenger for Vista, and get the following features:

Yahoo Messenger for Vista

  • Entirely new interface that integrates well with Windows Vista
  • Yahoo! Messenger Sidebar Gadget
  • Vector Interface
  • New Emoticons
  • Tabbed Chat Windows

Download [tag]Yahoo Messenger[/tag] for Windows Vista from the official website, and also join the official mailing list for updates!

7 thoughts on “Download Yahoo Messenger for Windows Vista”

  1. Keith, Im thankful to you dude. Even yahoo didn’t sent me the notice saying they have release this version,. Thanks to my subscription to your newsletter, I can now download it.

    Thanks. Can’t wait to install. :D

  2. hey its really cool.
    but therz a prob!

    wel..i can see ..send files option..then change colour themes option..then text options..but ther is not webcam option,.,.

    it was very hard when first time installin it..
    can nebody plz help me reagardin this matter!
    i just cant find the webcam option in this latest yahoo messsenger for vista.

    plzz helpp mee!???

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