WordPress 3.0 “Thelonious” Available for Downloads

The WordPress team has released the latest version WordPress 3.0 Theloniousto the world with exciting new features and enhancements.


WordPress 3.0 is the thirteenth major release of WordPress and took almost 6 months to develop. WordPress 2.9 was released in December last year and had several major enhancements too, however WordPress 3.0 is even more better.

Major new changes in WordPress 3.0 include the merge of WordPress MU and core WordPress code, allowing users to create multi-site blogs using the same installation. In addition to that it also includes a new theme called Twenty Ten.

There is some good news for theme developers too with WordPress 3.0, it now includes new APIs to easily implement backgrounds, menus, headers and more. So developers can make use of those APIs instead of having to edit the themes over and over again.

WordPress 3.0 also has support for Custom post types and custom taxonomies along with bulk updating of themes and plugins. For a complete list of new features in WordPress 3.0 visit this codex page. For the announcement visit this post on the WP Development blog.

If you want to get a visual of what’s new in WordPress 3.0, take a look at the embedded video below.

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  • I just updated my WordPress blog , let us say I will be exploring some of the new features around.


  • I updated my blog to latest wordpress 3.0 version and first thing which I noticed is change in the dashboard layout.

    After that I activated the network settings to let my blog behave like MU.

    So far I have not seen any known issue apart from Google Xml sitemap plugin showing error when I enabled multi-site option.

    I'm waiting to see a quick update for Google Xml sitemap plugin, so that it can work without any issue with multi-site,or else any better alternate plugin.