WordPress 3.1 RC 1 Now Available

Looks like the next version of WordPress is around the corner. The WordPress team have released the release candidate for WordPress 3.1 and made it available for downloads.

WordPress 3.1 has been in beta testing for a long time now and the Release Candidate is an indication that WordPress 3.1 might be released before the decade ends.

WordPress 3.1 includes a feature which will provide an easy way to writers to link to their earlier posts through a button in the write panel. It also includes a new "Admin Bar" which will make backend features available to logged in users through the frontend.

Users will also have access to new post templates and post styles, which will allow them to define different styling for individual posts. If you are fed-up of clicking through multiple pages in your dashboard, WordPress 3.1 will bring some relief through Ajax based admin screens.

Want to try out WordPress 3.1 RC1? Head over to this page to get the download link. Please note, this software is not production ready, so use it only for testing purposes. You will be able to download and use the final version of WordPress 3.1 soon, so hang on till then.

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