Download Safari 4 for Windows & Mac

There are tons of browsers available across the Internet, some of the most popular being Internet Explorer, , and , however Safari a offering from Apple is also another popular browser, which was earlier only available for Mac users.


That changed sometime back, and Apple started offering Safari for Windows users in order to get into the browser market share wars.

If you have not yet tried Safari yet, give it a try, as it is definitely worth using and is supposedly the fastest browser in the world. Infact even Google Chrome makes use of Webkit which powers the Safari browser.

The latest beta offering from Apple, Safari 4, contains a lot of newly added features, few of which include.

  • Top Sites Think of this feature as a start page, where you can see the list of the websites you have visited most.

  • Cover Flow This feature allows you to quickly flip through the pages you have visited.

  • Visual History Search This feature allows you to search through your browsing history visually.

If you are looking to try out the latest browser, go ahead and download Safari 4 beta.

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