Download Leaked Microsoft Office 2010 Technical Preview

Just a few days earlier we told you about registering for the Microsoft Office 2010 technical preview, however looks like a mole in the closed testing group of the product has leaked the technical preview on the internet.

The leaked version is of Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus (Technical Preview), though there are no guarantees that this copy may be a valid, the sources who have released the leak seem to be a valid group.

Here are the screenshots of the leaked copy of Microsoft Office 2010 Technical Preview.




The leakers have not yet posted screenshot of Outlook 2010 and PowerPoint which should definitely have been part of Office 2010 technical preview.

Should you download the copy? We would said that July is not that long away, go ahead and register yourself for the Office 2010 technical preview and bile out the time, this is definitely a great software to have, however 50 days or so is not a whole lot of time to wait.

You can find more information about the leaked copy here (via).

3 thoughts on “Download Leaked Microsoft Office 2010 Technical Preview”

  1. Not so keen on the new office as I think I am a little behind and still need tons of options to explore within Office 2007 :)

  2. I am still not very eager to "upgrade" to Microsoft Office 2010, I like my Office 2007, Outlook may not have a ribbon but it searches my mails fast and up till now there seem to be problems with Office 2010 and third-party-tools, I don't want to give up lookeen and other tools, they make my computer life so much easier -.-

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