Download Internet Explorer 9 Final

Microsoft has just made the final release of Internet Explorer 9 available for download. The beta of IE 9 has been downloaded over 40 million times already. The final version was supposed to launch on March 14, at 9 am PM PST, and it has.

Internet Explorer 9

Internet Explorer has been one of the most abused browsers of all time, especially IE 6. With IE 9, Microsoft has promised to make good with web developers and has embraced most open web standards.

Internet Explorer 8 was quite well received, and even though I use Opera as my primary browser, I still use IE 8 for sites which just don’t work with Opera. I will now be upgrading that with Internet Explorer 9.

To download Internet Explorer 9, just go to this link – Internet Explorer 9 Download

Select the version of IE9 (32-bit or 64-bit) and click on Download Now.

IE 9 offers a much better browsing experience than previous versions, and is also much faster. Here’s a list of the new features IE 9 brings to the table.

Update: Here are some direct download links (Courtesy Win Rumors)

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  • Interesting… download, execute… “Internet Explorer 9 cannot finish installing as a more recent version of IE is already present on your system”.

    Since when was a beta version more recent than the corresponding release candidate?

  • Jim Boyd

    You really should do a bit of research before writing an article.

    The link in the article leads to IE 9 Release Candidate build # 9.0.8080.16413…at least for now. NOT the RTM

    IE 9 RTM is build # 9.00.8112.16421 and it will be available at 9pm Monday March 14th…NOT 9am. The link in the article will probably lead to the RTM once the time comes.

  • Eugene

    The link goes to the en-IN site. The official Internet Explorer homepage is still listing it as Release Candidate. Clearly the final version hasn’t yet been released. What’s up with that? It was supposed to launch yesterday.