Deliciously Disastrous: Diigo Has 30 Million Delicious Bookmark Imports

Looks like Delicious is going to lose a lot of users come what may. Diigo, which is gaining more popularity in the bookmarking and cloud storage in general have processed 10 Million Delicious Bookmarks in a day and they still have to process 20 million more thanks to the disastrous leak about Delicious closing down, which is still going to survive though.

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According to a couple of tweets from Diigo, the have migrated over 10 million Delicious bookmarks in a day and are still migrating 20 million or more bookmarks from the service which was once a crowd favorite. And boy the folks at Diigo are definitely struggling at keeping up with it.

10m bmk imports from delicious processed, 20+ m still in queue. Getting new servers & improving codes to try speeding up! Sorry for the wait

Normally, we import 100k bmk/day. With 30m from delicious, that’s about a year worth of normals. Getting new servers and codes to speed up!

The past two days have been definitely a nightmare for Yahoo and Delicious in general. There are ways to export your Delicious bookmarks and import Delicious bookmarks into Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Xmarks and Diigo themselves, heck there are so many Delicious Alternatives too.

Whatever the case, I do believe that the valuation of Delicious has hit rock bottom right now. I mean there are so many alternatives for Delicious right now that no one would put enough money for Yahoo to say yes. To top it, creating a bookmarking service is a child’s play these days.

Back in the days Delicious was a really good way of garnering traffic and getting bookmarked, but those days are not out of question. And who might I say ruined this? Yahoo! of course, they should probably shut shop and leave us alone. Do they care for our fingers and how often we have to write about them shutting down a service?

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