Digg’s Traffic Goes down by 24 Percent, Reddit’s Goes up by 24 Percent

Digg users all over the world are particularly unhappy about the redesign and the Digg V4. However, another faction on the internet, the redditors have seen an increase in traffic after the Digg redesign.


From the very first day of the redesign, Digg saw a usurping revolt. The first page was flooded with Reddit links as a protest. The redesign has also brought some undesirable changes as the first page only shows links from top-notch blogs like Engadget. However, Digg has been biased about undoing the change and believes that it will get acceptance someday.

Reddit, on the other hand is enjoying this show as its own traffic has gone up by twenty-four percent. The coincidence of numbers is amusing even though their relation might be irrelevant. Everyone who leaves Digg will not necessarily join Reddit.

This war between Digg and Reddit took and interesting phase and the redesign being a #fail, Digg’s growth is a big question mark now. On one hand, it has already lost too much to continue any further while on the other hand, the growth and acceptance it was expecting will never realize down if Digg reverts to the earlier design. Digg has to decide and decide fast and right.


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Chinmoy Kanjilal

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