Digg is Planning a Design Makeover

Digg, the popular social news voting site is soon going to reveal an entire makeover and you can spot the sneak page at http://digg.com/new.


If you look carefully at the above screenshot, you can already spot a few changes. The voting thumbnails have grown bigger and there is a left column placed just to the left of the posts which contains links to popular stories, recent diggs and trending topics.

The redesign is expected to be live in a few weeks and as of now, the Digg team is preparing an email list to notify people when the redesign is implemented.

Earlier today, Mashable broke an Interview with Digg CEO – Jay Adelson where Adelson describes that the new design is expected to be more “clean” and “user friendly”. Here is an excerpt from the interview:

The site is shifting towards a personalization model, where the homepage will be based on characters like a user’s interests, location, who they follow not only on Digg but services like Twitter (Twitter) and Facebook (Facebook), and other signalsfrom around the web like retweets, Facebook shares, and more.

The new Digg plans to support Twitter login followed by Google, Yahoo, Open ID and would be geared towards encouraging more submissions every day.

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