Did Mark Zuckerberg Just Join Google+?

Google recently launched a new social networking site to compete with called . The service is definitely good and worth using, however, Google+ invites are hard to come by.

Mark Zuckerberg Google Plus

That said, someone big and important has joined Google+ and it is none other than Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook. While, Mark’s activity stream is barren right now, his circles show that he has been friending several other Facebook employees and adding them to his Circles.

Mark Zuckerberg Google+ Circles

We are not able to confirm yet whether the profile is real or not and anyone could simply create a new profile and add people from Facebook to their circles. If it is indeed Mark Zuckerberg, then Google must have definitely created a lot of waves for him to check it out personally. We are investigating whether the person in question is indeed Mark Zuckerberg or an impersonator.

More updates to come…

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  • That cracks me up. It will be interesting to see if it truly turns out to be him.

  • Temari

    In my personal opinion,i don’t think so it can be true.If he wanted to check Google+,why he didn’t use the other name?why he put his own picture in his profile?To show media that he has joined Google+?I don’t think so anyone can do it for.I think he is smart enough to investigate Google+ using alias name.

  • how can i get on Google Plus