Despite Infrastructure Issues, Tumblr Has More Pageviews Than WordPress

Recent downtimes may have people thinking that Tumblr is a not-good-enough blogging platform. But they’ll be surprised to know that Tumblr brings in more page views then the otherwise most popular blogging network WordPress. According to a recent report by ReadWriteWeb, Tumblr brings in a total of 3 billion page views per month compared to a mere 1.4 billion page views of WordPress.

This does not however, is  proportional  to the number of visitors each network gets. Compared to 500 million unique visitors of  WordPress, Tumblr only gets 48.5 million unique visitors each month. WordPress also hosts a massive 30 million blogs compared to 11 million of Tumblr.

So what do these numbers tell us? WordPress may be a more popular choice for serious bloggers, but Tumblr is easy enough both for publishers and visitors that it generates much more page views. Amongst all these metrics, page views is one of the most important as it is almost directly relates to revenue. This also may be the reason why Tumblr is seeing an increased influx of VC money. The most recent round raised $30 Million for Tumblr and one of the most noteworthy facts about this funding is that a big chunk of it comes from Sequoia Capital, the VC firm behind Google, Apple, YouTube, PayPal and Zappos. When you get a name like Sequoia Capital backing your business, you are definitely doing something right.

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