Demon ISP in UK wants to Prioritize Gaming Traffic

Demon is a popular ISP in the UK and has recently released a broadband plan that prioritizes gaming. The most important requirement for gamers is a low latency with the server and less congestion. The latest broadband plan from Demon ISP is exclusively planning to serve these two requirements and is an attractive plan for all games at the same time.

However, this plan will prioritize part of the traffic for gamers, which raises some considerable Net Neutrality issues. To this, Demon says that it has allowed this usage seeing that most of the Demon network is active in the morning during business hours and it is allowing this usage only in the evening.

Apart from this, the specs of the connection is advertised as low latency and ping time, 24 hours UK based support with 20 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload speed. The only limit is a 100 GB upper cap on usage between 8 AM and 11 PM. In whole, the gamer pack costs £23 a month.

Warner has taken this decision after taking a survey of many gamers who complaint that those nearer to the exchange got an unfair advantage in the game due to their broadband and connection speed. Hence, this is a deciding factor in a game.

It is good to see that an ISP cares so much for specifications in the UK whereas in countries like India, broadband is still selling under highly shady details with unmentioned upper caps on usage and poor connection using shared networks.


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