Official: Delicious Remains Alive As of Now, Might Swap Hands Later

If you are busy exporting your bookmarks out of Delicious; thinking that the company might close shop any day, you can stop.

Yahoo has confirmed through a blog post that Delicious isn’t shutting down as of yet,   the company might swap hands in future.

The irony here is that the official statement from Yahoo could not be read for some time, because the page throwed an internal server error.

Now don’t draw any conclusion about the future of Delicious, just because their official blog was down. It came back live after a few minutes so we managed to read Yahoo’s explanation on the future of the most popular bookmarking website.

The post is more like a general FAQ page with some common questions and their answers. Following   is the summary of Yahoo’s declaration:

  • Yahoo isn’t shutting down Delicious yet. They have determined that there is an ideal home for Delicious outside of Yahoo.
  • Yahoo is currently in talks with several other companies who are interested in buying Delicious.
  • Users can still export the bookmarks if they want. Delicious continues to work the same way as earlier.

If you ask me, I have two names in mind. Google And Microsoft.

We will have to wait and see which one of the above companies manages to get their grip on Delicious.

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