Delhi Court Fines Microsoft for Harassing Prejudice Pirates

In the startling news of the day, a Delhi court has reportedly fined Microsoft for suing pirates who used their intellectual property without permission. The court case which was filed against 4 individuals in the Delhi High court took a turn of events when the judge found out that the case filed by Microsoft were against individuals who lived in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chandigarh and Mumbai.

The court was not amused with Microsoft as the defendants would have had to travel from all across India to Delhi and spend money in the process to defend themselves.

When the constitution of India provides equality before law, this equality has to be all pervasive and cannot be allowed to be diluted because of money power or lobbying power,Judge Dhingra commented on the case.

Microsoft was ordered to pay a fine of $4000 for each defendant as the Judge ruled that piracy claims were unfounded.

On the strength of its money power it [Microsoft] has the added advantage of choosing a court of its own liking which is so far away from the defendant that it becomes problematic and a harassment for the defendant to contest the suit itself,the Delhi High Court ruling read.

Was it fit justice, or did Microsoft just think that they could get away with harassing people? Money buys power, and the $16000 Microsoft will lose is no big deal to them, however, this would definitely have taught them a big lesson.

However, there is no doubt that piracy is one of the biggest cause of revenue loss for software companies, specifically in Asian countries, hopefully this does not set a precedent for software pirates to keep exploiting software and selling it at the software companies cost.

[via Torrent Freak]

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