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Looking to Delete Your Skype Account? Well Hard Luck

As a very active internet user I end up creating accounts on several websites and usually forget about them. However, there are some accounts which I use on a frequent basis. In the past, there have been several times when I have completely shut down my account on a website and deleted all my account data from it.

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Right now I can easily delete my account, account, Google account or Yahoo account as they provide users with simple options to do the same. But what about Skype?

Well, if you are looking to delete your Skype account, you are in for some surprise (or maybe I am late to the party thanks to Reddit). Skype does not explicitly allow you to delete your account, and I am not kidding. Skype has a support page which states so (emphasis mine):

Can I delete my Skype account?

It’s not possible to delete a Skype account or change a Skype Name after it has been created. However, you can remove all the personal information contained in your profile. This will ensure that other people cannot search for you in Skype by using personal information such as your full name, email or phone number (although they will still be able to search for your Skype Name).

So this technically means that unless you personally go in and remove all the personally identifying information from your Skype profile it won’t be destroyed.

While every service have a right to store user data, they also have an obligation to provide their users with an option to delete their accounts when they want. Why Skype does not allow users to delete their accounts is beyond me. After all, that information is the users and they should have rights to delete it even if it is linked to billing or otherwise.

So how do you delete a Skype account then? Well this might not work 100%, but there have been some instances where users have been able to delete their accounts by directly contacting Skype. You can also visit the same support page to find information to delete your personal information from Skype.

This is definitely annoying, hopefully Microsoft will drill some sense into them. Were you aware about Skype not allowing you to delete your account? Do you think that Skype should allow users to delete their accounts?

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