Customize Your Google Profile URL

Google has started to allow users to create vanity URLs for their profiles, this change allows users to create a URL they can easily remember, rather than having to remember a random number.

To get a vanity URL for your profile, head to the profile edit page and change the profile URL to use a customized name.

google vanity profile

However there is a catch, users who have Google Accounts with enabled can only use their email address as the Profile URL, if you want customize the URL and use something else, you will have to signup for a new Google Account which does not use Gmail, once you do that you can customize your profile URL to suit your needs.


Once you have selected a profile name you will not be able to change it to anything else, other than the default profile URL Google provides uses with.

The changes to the profile URLs will definitely make it easier for users to remember, however with this change Google may be planning to get into something big, in the sense that Google Profiles by  default did not matter much in the past, with this change however several people may simply start using the Google Profiles to showcase their online identity.

Will Google allow users to now connect and share with other users using the Google Profiles? Only time will tell, what are your thoughts about this? Do let us know through your comments.


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