Create your Startup in 54 Hours

The Startup Weekend presents an opportunity for all you procrastinating  entrepreneurs.

Imagine being able to start up the enterprise, which you have dreamed about for the last 10 years, in 54 hours. That is what “Startup Weekend” is all about. Anyone can participate.  This incubator  is  run by an energetic group spread across the world. It targets the clutch of developers, designers, and anyone who has a great idea.

This non-profit organization was founded by Andrew Hyde, and came into being in 2007. It brings a  whole  new meaning to a “weekend getaway”.  It shows you how a lot can happen in 54 hours. Teams have been known to work through the night just to get their idea ready for the final show down.

The weekend starts with a conference that allows the participants to show case their ideas. After the attendees vote for their  favorite  ideas, at the end of the night,  the top 24 groups present their demo model to an elite panel. The winning idea is always practical, well thought of, and presents a wonderful  opportunity  in business. The teams that win are awarded  incentives  to help them along their journey to becoming big successes. It is important to be able to think out-of-the-box and differentiate your ideas from the hundred’s that might be judged along with yours.

The biggest USP is not the prize at the end of the event, but the wonderful  opportunity  that the participants get to build new networks and pick up new skills. Its an opportunity for the participants to ”  ignite more entrepreneurial activity and map and connect the world’s startup ecosystems.”

Here are the 5 steps to the finals in the  Startup  Weekend.

Step 1:

Have a great (and practical) idea. Remember that you have just 54 hours to make it work.

Step 2:

Get a team.

Step 3:

Prepare an impactful 5-minute presentation. The attendees will decide if you go through for judging to the elite panel.

Step 4:

Prepare your demo model.

Step 5:

Blow the  competition  away.

The Startup Weekend website hit the nail on the head again when they quoted,

It’s rarely the idea that is the winner, but the people and the execution behind it.

It has been well attended in several cities all over the world. In fact, the next Startup Weekend may be coming to a city close to you.  It has been organized in 35 countries for over 25,000 entrepreneurs-in-waiting.

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