Create Professional Logos With Logo Creator

Website logos are a integral part of any websites. Most of the websites sport different and unique logos which are beautifully designed by professionals. When it comes to create your own logos for small time websites it turns out to be costly. This blog got a free makeover that would otherwise have cost $750.

This would definitely have been out of my budget had I not won it for free. Logo Creator is a software that allows you to create professional looking Logo Design easily and fast which would take a professional numerous hours of work.


Features of Logo Creator

  • Create and view different versions of your logo.
  • Import textures into text.
  • Easily drag and drop images into the logo.
  • Create text effects like reflections, 3D and mirrored effects
  • Undo & Redo up to 60 times
  • Resize, rotate and fade opacity of ANY logo element!
  • Shadows, gradients, blurs and outlines
  • Circular text for badges and emblems
  • Transparent and colored backgrounds
  • Group, ungroup and duplicate elements
  • Edit text size, font, spacing and coloring!

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